How to Heal "Broken Toes" and Get REAL RELIEF from Triggers and Pain - OVERVIEW

Our well-being, thriving, and happiness come from having our essential human life-needs met.

Because we are designed for thriving, and to enjoy the deeply rooted, calm, secure happiness that naturally arises from it.

The Gift Behind The Disguise

The most important thing to understand is that pain and alarm are not what we've been told they are.

They're not something to avoid, numb, deny, or escape from.

In fact, our pain and alarm are the seeds that, when tended as as intended, become the next expansion of our well-being.

And when they're ignored, they become our next reaction, digestive or sleep disturbance, or major illness.


Because pain and alarm are messengers, telling us that something has happened (now or in the past) that has diminished or harmed our well-being.

Just like the pain of a hand on a hot stove, the purpose of any experience of pain or alarm is to:

  1. Get our attention

  2. Help us CORRECTLY IDENTIFY the source of the problem/threat/injury

  3. Guide us in finding SOMETHING DIFFERENT WE CAN DO (including different beliefs, thoughts, words, or actions) , that EFFECTIVELY ADDRESSES the source of the problem/threat/injury

  4. Guide us in discovering how to EFFECTIVELY AVOID experiencing that problem/threat/injury in the future

  5. The purpose of all of which is to CREATE GREATER WELL-BEING and THRIVING on all dimensions of our inner and outer lives.

When we recognize that pain and alarm are providing supportive feedback whose sole purpose is to PROTECT US FROM HARM and GUIDE US INTO EXPANDING our well-being...

we can finally begin to learn how to transform our experiences of pain and alarm into beautiful gifts of clarity, mastery, and thriving.


This guide is designed to support you in correctly understanding and translating the feedback of your unpleasant, uncomfortable, upsetting, painful, or otherwise "negative" experiences as indicators that are pointing you to the authentic life-needs that aren't being met for you.

Once you know what those unmet life-needs are, you can experiment with strategies that are specifically chosen to try to meet those unmet life-needs, and through trial and error, discover which strategies work best to meet those specific life-needs for you.

At each stage of this process, the pain and alarm typically diminish more and more. The most noticeable decreases in alarm take place after the correct life-needs have been identified, and after potentially effective strategies have been identified. Very often there is a clear sense of physical release and increased calm and relaxation.

And when you find and practice effective strategies and begin to MEET those previously unmet life-needs, the pain and alarm will have "completed their life cycle" -- they will have transformed into the MET life-needs, and greater thriving and happiness, that are your birthright!

Always a fierce and tender stand for your authentic thriving,


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